BROKEN DOWN LOVE Upcoming new album for 2021!!

Thanks to all who pledged to my Kickstarter campaign! We reached our goal!

The mixing for the new record is complete and it will soon be in the hands of the mastering engineer. I'm very excited and happy with how the mix came out. I can't wait for you all to hear these songs and arrangements.

NEW VIDEO RELEASE! Music video for "Still Tryin' to Believe"

Bonus Mix of Kickin' the Can!

For guitar fans here is the full studio take of Kickin' the Can which includes a stretched out ending where Will Kimbrough (on left) and I (on right) trade guitar lines etc. And Chris Donohue plays some great upright bass. Not to mention Dennis Holt on drums. We knew the song was over but we were having fun so we just kept playing. Hope you enjoy. P.R.

New Video Release!

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